Welcome to Slipexperten , Vallentuna
We performs prefessional grinding of rock drillbits


Slipexperten, your grinding partner.

Slipexperte in Vallentuna is Sweden's most modern grinding station for rock drillbits.

Slipexperten has the latest technology for grinding rock drill bits.
Slipexprten offers you as a customer grinding of top quality drill bits in the sizes 28mm-1200mm.
By having modern machines and possessing 10 years of experience in grinding, we are sure that you as a customer will get the most out of your rock drill bits.

Slipexperten always puts the customer in focus and together we put together a common plan for how everything will work.
The most common thing is that we pick up & leave drill bits with our own car and the range is determined from customer to customer.

Welcome to contact us for more information on phone +46 60 61 80 75.

1. Better overall economy

By letting us at the Slipexperten grind your rock drillbits, you will get a more environmentally friendly dropout option. Through our knowledge, you as a customer will get a better overall economy per drill meter.

2. Quality

  • More drillmeters on each drillbit
  • High precision
  • We always grind with the correct angle

3. Fördelar att slip hos oss

  • Service i världsklass
  • Absolut högsta slipkvalitet
  • Inga personalkostnader för slipning
  • Inga investeringar av dyr sliputrustning
  • Längre livslängd per krona
  • Miljövänligare

Varför skall ni välja Slipexperten?

  • Service i värdsklass
  • Mer borrmeter per krona
  • Ett ekonomiskt bra val
  • Bra miljöval (inget spill med hårdmetall i naturen)

Hitta till slipstation i Vallentuna

Slipexperten AB
Cedersdalsvägen 5D
186 40 Vallentuna

060 - 61 80 75

E-post info@slipexperten.se