Welcome to Slipexperten , Lovön
We performs prefessional grinding of rock drillbits on site.


Slipexperten MGS L.N AB, is your flexible grinding-partner.

Slipexperten Mobile Grinding Stations L.N AB is a company in L.N Group AB where former sister company Slipexperten L.N AB is located.

Slipexperten Mobile Grinding Stations L.N AB has been commissioned by the sister company to establish in Norra Lovön in order to remedy all grinding of rock drill bits for the project Södra and Norra Lovön E4-Förbifart Stockholm. Slipexperten Mobile Grinding Stations L.N AB is Sweden's most modern mobile grinding station for rock drillbits.


1. Better overall economy

By letting us at the Slipexperten grind your rock drillbits, you will get a more environmentally friendly dropout option. Through our knowledge, you as a customer will get a better overall economy per drill meter.

2. Quality

  • More drillmeters on each drillbit
  • High precision
  • We always grind with the correct angle

3. Why should Slipexperten do the job?

  • World-class service
  • Absolutely highest grinding quality
  • No staff costs for grinding
  • No investment of animal grinding equipment
  • Longer shelf life
  • Environment friendlier

Why should you choose Slipexperten?

  • World-class service
  • Longer shelf life
  • economically good
  • Environment friendlier

Koviksvägen 4
178 93 Drottningholm

060 - 606 67 89

E-post lucas@slipexperten.se